Almost Home for Hounds

Our Facility

Land was purchased in Nunn, CO, the construction process took much longer than expected, but AHH was finally ready for occupation in October 2004. By the end of the month AHH was at nearly full capacity, and the calls to take more dogs just continued to come.

There is still much to be done and the financial burden has turned out to be more than expected. We hope that the pictures here will tell a story of dedication and devotion and bring the reality of Almost Home for Hounds into your hearts and homes. We hope that we will be able to count on your continued support.

Above is the main dog room. This is where the dogs stay until they are transported to adoption groups. The Welcome Room (below) is on the other side of the building and can house up to 12 dogs. All incoming dogs are processed into the Welcome Room, where they remain until it is deemed safe to integrate them into the general population.

This is the back of the facility. There are three separate turn out areas for the dogs, plus a separate concrete pad for the new dogs.

Thanks to all our supporters, you make it possible for us to find Retired Greyhounds a Home!

Almost Home for Hounds
16559 County Rd. 98  Nunn, CO 80648
Phone: 970 897-2916

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