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Dr. Heather Weir

Dr. Weir performing surgery

When I met Dr. Heather Weir several years ago, I was impressed with the depth of her dedication towards racing greyhounds and those bred for the industry. Dr. Weir attended Colorado State University for the sole purpose of becoming a Veterinarian. At some point during her time there, her goals changed as she recognized the plight of the racing greyhound in Colorado. Her desire to do more for greyhounds in the racing industry outweighed her desire for a normal life and a profitable career practicing Veterinary medicine.

Starting small, she began to take in greyhounds no longer required by the industry, using her skills as a Veterinarian she made sure they were properly attended to prior to transporting them to adoption groups throughout the Western United States. She was able to provide fully vetted greyhounds to waiting groups, at a minimal cost to them.

In order to make ends meet, Dr. Weir took a teaching position at Colorado State University. She remains on staff at CSU, helping young students learn the skills they will need to pursue their own careers in Veterinary medicine.

Eventually she found that her current situation was no longer acceptable, as she was unable to meet the demands placed on her. The calls kept coming to pick up dogs, but there was just not enough room to take them all in. The reality set in that it was time to move on and make every effort to find, or build a new facility that would allow her to comfortably house 40 - 50 dogs. Ideally that facility would have an onsite surgery, isolation area, bathing area and of course plenty of room for crates and turn out's. In order to have a facility that would meet all of her needs, it was determined that it would be best to build something to her specifications.

Land was purchased in Nunn, CO, the construction process took much longer than expected, but AHH was finally ready for occupation in October 2004. By the end of the month AHH was at nearly full capacity, and the calls to take more dogs just continued to come. Thanks to a steady stream of volunteers, and Dr. Weir's tireless efforts, things continue to run smoothly at AHH.

There is still much to be done and the financial burden has turned out to be more than expected. We hope that the pictures here will tell a story of dedication and devotion and bring the reality of Almost Home for Hounds into your hearts and homes. We hope that we will be able to count on your continued support.

-Written by Sue Ross

Judy Boyle

Judy is a biologist and is currently teaching General College Biology at Front Range Community College. In her spare time she plays with her horses and dogs, and volunteers at AHH.

In addition to scooping poop and daily chores, she processes local adoption applications, does the home visits, and supervises potential adopters when they come to meet dogs.

Almost Home for Hounds
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